Hi, I’ m Swapnil. An independent web developer & internet marketer from Mumbai.

I first started developing websites in early 2014. Since then I’ve worked with manufacturing companies, marketing agencies, eCommerce consultants, web design service providers, bloggers and many other small businesses.

After spending around 3 years working with solo entrepreneurs and micro businesses I realized that the biggest business challenge for most of them is ‘Lead Generation’.

Knowing that lead generation is a serious issue that can make the difference between success and failure, and after seeing so many people struggling with it, I decided to share my knowledge and experiences about fixing the problem of insufficient leads.

The main purpose of Whole Lotta Leads is to help young entrepreneurs like you to build a sales pipeline that is filled with qualified prospects. So that you can build a profitable business that you can run from anywhere and continue to live the life on your own terms.

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Services I offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete website design,
  • Deliverables to help you with brand positioning,
  • Paid online marketing and even
  • Developing a content strategy.

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