Doing things you have been dreaming about

We all have dreams. We all have our own unique idea of spending life.

Some of us want independence – Financial & Location. We want the freedom to set our own working hours.

So that we can travel the world, and spend more time with our loved ones. Do the things that we enjoy doing, and live a happy and peaceful life.

You know achieving this lifestyle is possible, but boy do these dreams make you anxious

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First 6 months of blogging

It’s been almost 4 months since I published my first post on Whole Lotta Leads.

On 31st Nov 2017, this blog will reach 2 major milestones.
Surviving for 6 months and
Reaching the target of publishing 20 blog posts.

I am so excited for whats next to come.

The first six months of blogging are very crucial. It takes a lot of work and it’s difficult to not give up.

You have to learn new skills & form new habits so that you can hit your milestones.

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Creating a frontend product for your blog

A blog that is fairly new, needs a lot of work.

And if you are constantly worried about covering your expenses, you lose focus.

Of course you can run ads and sell affiliate products. But with a new blog that has very little traffic, its tough to generate a sizable income.

You need an additional income stream that you can truly count on.

Why not create and sell your own product or service?  Sooner or later, you are going to do it anyway.

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Networking tips for new bloggers

Do you want to grow your network?

But don’t know where to start

I have some good news for you…

You can become a master networker right now. And in just 3-6 months, you can completely transform your network, business and life.

Here are a few reasons why should should start building your network today

  1. Enrich your life and lives of others by surrounding yourself with people you care for and who care for you.
  2. Avoid failure. Overcome online invisibility & create brand awareness for your business through social media networking.
  3. Meet your potential customers & get to know them. Remember, people always do business with people they know and like.

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Understand your audience

Do you want to

  1. Drive more qualified traffic to your website?
  2. Build an engaged audience on your blog and social media?

Ofcourse you want. Who doesn’t?

And that’s the reason you invest in content marketing in the first place.

But what if no one cares about your content? What if it is irrelevant? And what if it fails to deliver value?

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

This is why its so important to research your audience.
And to understand their hidden fears, pain-points, motivations and goals

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Tips to create a remarkable business

In March 2014, I started my first business. It was a tiny freelance business which offered graphic designing services to local businesses in Mumbai.

The freelance business is a funny thing if don’t do it the right way. In my case, I had no idea what I was doing and where I was going.

I was self-employed for a few days and then unemployed for many days after that.

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