Creating a frontend product for your blog

A blog that is fairly new, needs a lot of work.

And if you are constantly worried about covering your expenses, you lose focus.

Of course you can run ads and sell affiliate products. But with a new blog that has very little traffic, its tough to generate a sizable income.

You need an additional income stream that you can truly count on.

Why not create and sell your own product or service?  Sooner or later, you are going to do it anyway.

Creating a small eBook

Lets consider, you are in travel niche. And you want to create an eBook for people traveling to Mumbai.

You can create a small PDF that

  • Helps them find a fabulous hotel in $50 – $70 price range.
  • And also provides information about things to do, foods to try, places to visit.

Before you start working on your eBook engage with 80-100 people who are planning to visit Mumbai

  1. Get to know when they are planning to visit
  2. If they have a budget of $50-$70 per day for accommodation
  3. Purpose of visiting
  4. Hobbies and interests – photography, meeting interesting people, food, culture, places, Meetups, nightlife, parties, retreats, modeling, acting.

Now based on this information, create a detailed blog post about things to do in Mumbai. And share it with them on social media. Keep engaging. Gather more info. and content ideas.

Also see if you can attract more people who are interested in traveling to Mumbai.

Once you have enough people showing interest. Start visiting hotels and places in Mumbai. Take pictures, talk to the staff, find out the pros and cons, and may be even record some video.

Be active on social media. Keep engaging and sharing content multiple times a day. This helps to build an engaged audience.

Once you have all the information, put it together in a small eBook. You can price it anywhere between $9-$49.

Tips for creating a successful eBook

  1. Pick a really tiny audience & create something that they really want or need.
    According to Ryan Holiday

    The single worst marketing decision you can make is create a product that nobody wants or nobody needs.

    Before you start building your product engage with your potential customers. And find out if it is something that they might be interested in?

  2. A successful product is something that’s so valuable that it becomes an obvious choice to buy. Pick a tiny but well defined audience. And provide so much value that they describe your eBook as essential, necessary, and must read for everyone in your niche.
  3. People’s trust is your most valuable asset. Build trust, not just your email list. People buy from people they trust.
  4. Never create an eBook on a topic that is always changing and evolving. Build a product that will sell for decades. You don’t want to end up updating your product every 3 months.
  5. Create opportunities where people see problem. Find out what works and how you can fill your customers’ needs.
  6. Avoid being seen as a jack of all trades. Its ok to study multiple fields and read outside your industry. But always apply everything your learn to your core speciality. Be a leader in one field. Read books and learn from those who are already successful. Be seen as an expert in your niche.
  7. Pick a problem you really care about. Find out what your audience really cares about. And produce content that connects with their needs.
    For example – Lets say you really care about fitness and staying in shape. But what does your audience really care about? May be they want to lose weight, feel energetic, feel confident about their bodies.
    Once you understand what they REALLY want, you will attract people who want to hear from you. They will give you permission to send updates via email. And they will miss you when you’re not around because they need you.
  8. Figure out your business model first. Do you want to sell print books, do you want to land speaking gigs, do you want to sell consulting services, do you want to sell online courses, Do you want to recommend affiliate products, Do you want to run a membership site?
    Having clarity about your business model enables you to create content that converts.
  9. Cashflow is important for survival of your business. The purpose of blogging and creating eBooks is to build assets that you can turn into a cash flow.
    According to Michael Hyatt,

    To be successful in the market today, you must possess two strategic assets: a compelling product and a meaningful platform

    Blogging can help you generate steady and strong cash flow over time.

  10. Build your email list even if you don’t have anything to sell yet. Don’t skip it. This is your future customer list. Procrastinating on building your email list means delaying your success.
  11. Write a book that can have tremendous impact on society. Books such as Chicken Soup For The Soul, The Leader Who Had No Title, The E-Myth Revisited… Have changed our lives deeply. And thats why these books are so successful.
    As Jeff Goins says,

    Before you can launch a bestseller book, you have to write a bestseller.

  12. Write a book that sells for decades not just for a couple of months. And you do that by selling your book through word of mouth. Its the only thing that works. I don’t know if Tony Robbins has said this before, but Word of Mouth is Power. If you are a blogger write it down – Word of Mouth is Power 🙂
  13. Ship it. The world needs it. And you have to release an updated version anyway.

Writing and selling a book is not like a project. It’s a journey. Your book is the beginning of a movement. Don’t just create a book and hope everybody will find it. Keep promoting it for years.

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