Creating content for your website

Unhappy with the content on your website? Worried that your content is not good enough to generate leads?

In this article you’ll learn:

  1. What is good content and how it helps you stand out from the crowd
  2. How to leverage web content to solve your lead generation challenges
  3. Simple framework to create content that can generate Whole Lotta Leads

What makes Good Web Content?

Do you ever visit a website and feel
Wow this site looks interesting. It has everything I’ll ever need to know about this topic.

You are amazed by the clear, concise, and to the point explanation.

You love the examples and actionable tips.

You download all the definitive guides and worksheets.

And then you are filled with hope and inspiration.

Creating a website with good content is all about giving this WOW experience to your readers. And this is only possible when you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Why you should stand out from the crowd?

It’s easy to become a freelancer or a solopreneur. Whether you are a developer, designer, writer, photographer or anybody else.

Just imagine how many competitors you have.

I am a web designer. And I bet there are atleast 100 other web designers within a 3 mile radius from my location.

You don’t want to be in this situation as a small business owner. Especially, if you dream about running business on your own terms.

But how can one stand out when the competition is so fierce?

First step is to niche down. Being just another developer, designer or a writer won’t help. Those days are gone.

Next step is to create a unique selling proposition. I know this doesn’t sound sexy. But it’s incredibly important.

Third and final step is to start dominating your niche.
Stop playing around. Get serious about marketing and building a personal brand.

Leverage your website to solve your lead generation challenges.

Fill your pipeline with Whole Lotta Leads and run your business like a BOSS.

Just sitting at your desk and doing the client work isn’t going to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

Do you want to know what challenges are stopping you from having a pipeline full of opportunities?

The challenges that every struggling business must solve are

  1. Increasing the number of inbound leads
  2. Improving the quality of leads
  3. Increasing the lead-to-customer conversion rate

These 3 problems can be solved by creating a lead generating website.

How to leverage web content to solve your lead generation challenges

A website that generates a TON of leads delivers the WOW experience through design and content.

You can do that too by creating:

  1. Homepage that will woo your first time visitors.
  2. About Us page that doesn’t sound boring.
  3. Services page that makes your customers tick
  4.  Kick-ass 30 sec sales pitch with a call-to-action button that converts.
  5. Resources page that readers want to bookmark.
  6. Optin page that makes your visitors so hungry that they can’t wait to gobble up your free eBook
  7. Contact us page that generates whole lotta inquiries.

A lead generating website appeals to a very specific group of people called target audience.

The job of your website is to convert visitors to subscribers.

Note that – A subscriber is not a lead.

What is a lead?

A lead is a person

  1. Who has shown an interest in YOUR products/services and
  2. Has the Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT) to buy.

To find out whether your subscriber is a lead or not, you need BANT information.

The easiest and fastest way to find that out, is to call the person or set up a meeting.

You can ignore this step if you are selling mass market products. It’s better to nurture your subscribers to turn them into qualified leads

And then finally transform those leads into paying customers.

Your Ideal Customer

Before you start creating content for your website, spend some time to think about your ideal customer.

Get very clear about

  1. Who he is
  2. What is he struggling with and
  3. What action do you want him to take.

Format for creating your website content.

  1. Navigation Links

    Links to include in your main navigation menu are:
    Home, Resources, About, Services, Blog, Contact, Free eBook

  2. About Page

    Make your about page interesting by adding this content:
    How I can help you
    My Story – How I started this project
    About Me – Who am I and why I’m doing this.
    Don’t forget to include your headshot

  3. Services Page

    Make your customers tick by writing a copy that appeals to them.
    Use the same format to describe every product / service you sell.
    Give a unique title for your product/service
    Write a 30 sec sales pitch (1-2 sentence description) and
    Place a call to action button.
    Write a comprehensive web copy for selling high ticket items

  4. Contact Page

    Keep your contact page simple and classy.
    You can use this format:
    If you have questions about (Your niche) pls get in touch.
    Your contact details and a contact form
    Don’t forget to include your headshot.
    Also feel free to include who shouldn’t contact you

  5. Opt-in page

    You can use this format:
    Unique title for your product,
    Question – Do you want (Something that your ideal customers want really bad)?
    (The Product Name) gives you (benefit 1), (benefit 2), and (benefit 3).
    Learn how to use (this tactic) to solve (this pain)
    Discover how to (stop bad habit) and (avoid pain)
    Understand how to (solve) this (pain)
    Form and call to action

  6. Call-to-action

    Use these names for your call to action buttons
    For Newsletter – Signup for free (Your Brand Name) Newsletter, Signup Button
    For Opt-in Page – Download your free ultimate guide to (Your Niche) as PDF; Yes, send me the free guide
    For Services Page – Get (what they want the most). Eg. Get a Logo, Get Social Media Banners etc.
    For Shop Page – Buy Now

  7. Free Resources page

    Follow this format:
    Unique title,
    2-3 sentence description and download now
    Send them to the download page.
    For Download Page follow this format:
    Write a short copy,
    Place an image of the book along with a simple form to collect name and email address.
    You can also ask for website and phone number if it matters to you.

I Hope you found this post useful.

Do you have a website? What is your #1 challenge?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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