Understand your audience

Do you want to

  1. Drive more qualified traffic to your website?
  2. Build an engaged audience on your blog and social media?

Ofcourse you want. Who doesn’t?

And that’s the reason you invest in content marketing in the first place.

But what if no one cares about your content? What if it is irrelevant? And what if it fails to deliver value?

Sounds scary doesn’t it?

This is why its so important to research your audience.
And to understand their hidden fears, pain-points, motivations and goals

The KEY to content marketing success

If you don’t understand your audience on a deeper level
its obvious that your content wont resonate with them.

The KEY to content marketing success is to

Understand your audience better than they understand themselves
And make informed decisions about creating content to

  • Market your products / services
  • Attract qualified traffic
  • Generate product / service inquiries
  • Get email subscribers

Difference between audience and traffic

Audience is a group of engaged readers that

  1. Like and admire what you do
  2. Subscribe to your newsletter, download your books &
  3. Return to your site more often

Web traffic is the amount of visitors and visits a website receives.

Out of all the visitors your website receives, some of them will engage with your content. This group of engaged readers is your real audience.

I don’t know if this is true but, 80% of your results will come from 20% of your traffic. This 20% is your audience – or your engaged readers

Content is king. Distribution is queen. Engagement is their love story. – @WholeLottaLeads

If the engagement is missing, your conversion rate is going to be very poor. And the results will suck.

To get more engagement, create content that your audience really want.

What content does your audience want, like and share?

The audience that you want to attract is someone else’s audience right now. Your job is to attract them to your blog. The only way to do that is by creating content that they REALLY want.

To find out what they want, we will use reddit. Reddit isn’t called the front page of the internet for nothing.

But before you start throwing random keywords in Reddit search bar, take a fresh sheet of paper and

Write down 3 things that your audience will learn by reading your blog. These are going to be your primary keywords.

For example if your blog is about ‘reducing belly fat’

Go to reddit and type ‘belly fat’ in the search bar. Then look at the results.

No matter what niche you are in, reddit has a ton of quality information about it. All you have to do is analyze some of the posts. And you’ll get a better understanding of your audience.

Here are some amazing posts that I found on reddit for the search term – ‘belly fat’. Its almost like finding pure gold that is hiding in ‘Lose your Belly Fat’ niche.

An “aha” moment about belly fat – This post has 659 points and 192 comments

Diet sodas Linked to Increase in Belly Fat – This post has 222 points and 54 comments

Jogging Fights Beer Belly Fat Better Than Weights – This post has 111 points and 137 comments

How to Lose Love Handles and Belly Fat? – This post has 98 points and 99 comments

How the fuck do I get rid of my lower belly fat! – This post has 36 points and 263 comments

Analyzing blog posts to understand your audience on a deeper level

Once you have found a post that has a ton of engagement, analyze it on following parameters.

  1. Motivations
  2. Pain points
  3. Goals
  4. Challenges
  5. Behaviour

Lets consider the same example about body fat and analyze it on these parameters.

Here is the juicy stuff that I found in less than 10 min.

Maybe this is not news to many of you, but I had this pretty extreme “aha” moment regarding belly fat. Even though I still have ten pounds to lose, and can pinch a good layer of chub on my tummy, it has lost that pregnant/beer gut protruding look.

I never really thought about where on/in my body I carried and stored my fat before this process. For some reason, I felt like I was a skinny person inside a layer of blubber. I now realize that while some of the fat was directly under my skin, there was also a lot of intramuscular fat as well as fat in my core and organs.

I feel that I have now lost most of that core/organ fat. Despite the floppy/jiggly bits that remain, my stomach has a more toned/defined look and feel to it. This has really become noticeable to me over the past month.

And then it hit me. I HAD PACKED MY INTERNAL ORGANS FULL OF FAT. and I was like ‘holy shit, that is BAD news’. I never had body image issues before I started losing weight. And, I was always healthy (low BP, cholesterol, etc). But wow, I was not being kind to my body. And now that all of that excess weight is gone, my body is so much happier and so am I.

I found this thought terrifying. Like the difference between wearing a fat suit that you can simply shed versus having the fat invade every cell in your body. I always felt like the former, but now I realize that I was wrong. I never want to do that to my insides ever again.

Maybe some of you realize this already. I feel like this entire process is like emerging from a very dark room into the sunlight and my eyes are slowly adjusting to the scene, little glimpses at a time. I was always slightly curious about how some people (men especially) got that “beer gut” look. They didn’t seem exceptionally jiggly or blubbery and now I think I realize that they are probably storing much of their fat and excess weight in their core and around their organs. For whatever reason, that thought is just horrifying to me from a health perspective.

Thanks again for everyone who contributes to this amazing community! I am closing in on my one-year anniversary of taking control over my body and I have never felt better.


scword 237 points

I have taken gross anatomy and have done several cadaveric dissections, and I can say that when overweight or obese cadavers come in the amount of fat between the muscles and the organs is unreal. Pounds and pounds of fat where there should be very little, or none. Not to mention several inches of subcutaneous fat all around the person. It is gross, and makes the dissections much more difficult to do precisely.

When you compare it to a person with relatively low body fat, it is like night and day.

EDIT: TL;DR I see dead people, some of whom are larger than others.

heimdal77 174 points

New motivation to lose weight, how you will look as a cadaver.

bendmorris 180 points

Also, put off becoming one.

maryberry8 14 points

Very insightful. Upvote on the way.

ChemEBrew 18 points

Leave a pretty corpse they said.


Boring content doesn’t engage your readers. Because its plain & dull. Nobody wants to read such content.

What readers REALLY want is something that connects with them on a deeper level. Content that evokes negative emotions like worry, fear, anger & frustration. But also evokes positive emotions like joy, happiness, gratitude, inspiration and love.

They like content that makes them think. Persuades them to take action. And makes their lives better.

Many popular sites like Reddit, Quora, Digg, Mashable, StumbleUpon etc have a ton of engaging content. To understand your audience, find posts in your niche that have most upvotes, likes and shares. And then analyze them on the parameters like motivations, goals and pain points.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you know what your readers REALLY want? Let me know in the comments below.

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